Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Day 2 of Shred
I woke up incredibly sore. I am sore. My muscles hurt. I cannot rephrase this enough. I am so sore -- but I did it. Day 2, consider yourself done. I really need to work on the whole 90 degree angles and such. I still cannot finish a single strength series. It's pathetic. I'm pathetic!!! I have faith that I can work myself up to the normal amount and not be ashamed of it. Besides, I'm working with 5lb weights here peoples! It's difficult!

After gracing my aching body with another beastly workout, I noticed that my bedroom windowsill is exactly barre height. Lightbulb. I frantically search my iTunes for this one album my ballet instructor gave me as I was departing for college. Upon finding it, I donned my canvas shoes and did a few plies.
Death Plies.
I am horrible at ballet anymore, this is miserable! Curse you grad school for making me sacrifice all the things I have forever been passionate about... and continue to lack any sort of income to pursue. I decided to not go much farther than a few super basic combinations. It is so incredibly humiliating. I am kinda glad I have not signed myself up for an actual dance class just yet. (.....yet) Additionally, Kyle and I are borrowing a friends copy of Dance Central, so I'm hoping that will be fun.

Upon further searching of iTunes for more ballet barre related music, I found that both Sigur Ros and Regina Spektor have a new album out. Yeah. I might own them now. This is why iTunes is a bad thing for me to visit frequently.

I would argue that music and dance are two languages I know how to speak well; but I've lost practice and am not immersed in them anymore, so I have lost my fluency. Time to step it back up.

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  1. "If you don't use it, you loose it." I've always wished this weren't true and that I could always hang onto each skill I've practiced. I've found that if I don't have outside motivation for the art and music (as much as I love them) I don't do them because they always end up being non-essential in the face of daily life. Every so often I resolve to sit at the piano every day and draw or paint something every week, but I can't seem to keep at it because there are always other things that interfere with my intentions. The only way I've ever kept up with those things is when I've had an orchestra to play in or an art class to go to (and I haven't had either since Jonah was a baby...). So all that to say... good luck, it's a struggle! :-)