Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dance is an art (and a drug)

I stand corrected. Dance and music are my drugs of choice; I am an unashamed addict. As such, they prove to be necessary components of my life.

Last night we played Dance Central, and I could not stop. I literally had to keep going. I had to try as many songs and levels as possible. I was exhausted, but I could not pull myself away. What made me stop? The xbox froze - it was most unfortunate. As much as the death plies hurt yesterday, I find myself craving more. I stayed up too late last night because I was on continuous youtube related videos for my favorite artists.

Also: I came across this on my time I spent online recently, and needless to say, I love everything about it:

Day 3 Shred
I slept sore, I woke up sore, I am stiff, sore, and still sore.

Day 4 Shred
Burn. Feel the Burn.

Day 5 Shred...?
So I missed a day due to visiting with the ever lovely and wonderful Kara and her darling and adorable son and her family, driving up to Salem to check out the party rental store, and plant some flowers for the wedding at Kyle's Grandpa's house, then we went back to Corvallis for our friend Matt and Al's wedding, then on to Kyle's surprise plans --- a Greg Laswell concert in Portland! Best surprise since he proposed! It was wonderful. I was so surprised. Greg Laswell is one of my top favorite musicians. 

Actual Shred Day 5
Did today's workout with Kyle. Today seemed a bit better - perhaps because of the short break I was allowed since no workout yesterday?

Day 6 Shred
Did it again with Kyle. It's definitely not nearly as miserably challenging at first, but I still can't do all of everything completely (if that wasn't redundant, I'm not sure what is...).

Day 7 Shred
Missed yesterday, but I'm not beating myself up over it too much. I was way tired. I got to Kyle's and ended up napping with the kittens (pics coming soon, hopefully).
Overall today is going well, shred-wise. I think a neighbor kid saw me from the street (awkward), but none the less fine. 

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  1. So I was creepin on facebook (typical) and found my way over to your blog (love).

    I just have to tell you that I did the 30 day shred back in March-April (it took me about 60 days...haha). It mostly sucks, but its way better if you do it with someone and it totally works! I'm proud of you for starting strong and I know you are going to be so fit for the wedding.

    Also, I want to play Dance Central with y'all. I'm pretty sure I would be horrid, but it sounds so fun!