Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not my fav...

Dress shopping.

In a nutshell, shall we say I'm a tomboy?

Dress shopping is not my forte, it is not my thing, it is not often something I seek out.

I struggle to purchase a dress for myself at Target for $20.

Jeans and a t-shirt, sign me up. Leotard? Well... ok, fine. Professional dress - not really comfortable, but I will deal.

Ask me to look for and purchase a dress that not only costs over $30, but one that is big, heavy, and expensive. Require me to try them on over and over again and ask me in-depth questions on how I feel about them? Please, goodness, is there anything else in the world I can do instead?!?

Is it formal enough for a wedding but not too formal for an outside venue, is it well made, does it look good on you, does the style fit my figure, is it too girly, is there beading or too much bling-bling, is there lace, do I like lace, do I want a train, do I want a veil, does my mother, family, and friends like it on me, what kind of fabric, cut, color, style, shape, what's my budget ----- how much time do we have between now and the wedding?

81 whole days. 81 and insanely-packed and short days.

I dream about dress shopping now. Maybe not dream... I pass out and my conscious thought does not stop thinking about and comparing the dresses I have tried and if there might be something better, and what if I have to settle on something I don't like, and what if so-and-so doesn't like it, and is it too formal/girly/weird for me (will I have second thoughts? It's such a big purchase). I have been to four shops, and found nothing yet....the search (saga) continues.


  1. Ugh, I hear you on that. You have my sympathies. I had the same problem... I ended up getting a bridesmaid dress in white. Much less expensive and much less... big.

    I'm sure you will find something lovely... and breath a sigh of relief when you do.

  2. You'll know when you find it! I found a dress that was $300 (I know that sounds super expensive but that was nothing to the $3000 choice sitting next to it! I'd like someone to explain to me why wedding dresses are so expensive!) and I loved it. I found it in a hole in the wall shop that wasn't a mainstream bridal store and I added cap sleeves and Bam! Wedding dress! Best of luck in your searches! You'll look beautiful in anything!

  3. I second the bridesmaid dress in white.... that's also what I did... they're always simpler... much more practical, (and comfortable if you find the right on- and you could just get on at Nordstrom) and last but not least... you can always if you really wanted to... have it dyed later and wear it again (instead of the one time thing)because they're NOT so fancy as the "bridal" gowns... Good luck babe! I think Both Katie & I got ours for under $200 (not of course including the alterations that seem to always have to be done- but those are cheaper on them too because you pay by the LAYER normally and wedding gowns have more layers)