Tuesday, May 29, 2012

day 1

It came today! I was totally not expecting it to come today at all, but it did! I love little surprise packages like that sometimes (thank you, amazon). I am now the proud (maybe?... we'll see how things go) owner of Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, 6 week six-pack, and No More Trouble Zones. Ok, maybe I went a bit overboard, but I'll be honest, it's one of the less expensive of the workout videos I've found. Plus, the workout for the shred is only about half an hour, which is where I got hung up with TurboFire (although I do still love it and actually noticed it working for the 2-week segment where I actually kept up with it).

In addition to starting the Shred, I chanced upon the blog, Healthy Tipping Point and another blog by the same author, Operation Beautiful. Somehow the latter blog got me out of my funk and I pulled down my mirror off my (well... rubbermaid container as I have yet to mount it to the wall) and erased the "I am good enough, smart enough, and I'm a teacher/grad student" that had been up there since fall of 2010. Time for newer and more relevant things such as: "You are beautiful - inside and out"

Day 1 - 30-Day Shred
This workout is a beast. I might consider myself in decent shape, but even on my good days I'm in much less shape than I was at one point in my life. Additionally, I never worked my body in the ways these videos do. After finishing the workout, I felt tired and sore, but pumped. Then I tried getting up off the floor and BAM! noodle legs. To be completely honest though... part of me really wants to do a workout like this twice a day... I'll start with once for now though.

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