Thursday, January 12, 2012


First Post.... of yet another one of Hannah's blogs. You might be saying "woohoo...I don't really care..." but at the same time, you are here, and intrigued about what I might say (let's be real people, that's what this is about, you want to stalk my life [as if facebook wasn't enough]).

I haven't blogged in a long time. I attempted to be cool in college, but ended up always being overly emotional and annoying (especially about stupid boy crap... and I had a lot of it in college, oddly enough). I then attempted right after college. Both attempts were a disastrous flop firstly because I never posted often enough (too post-college ADD), and second because I never really thought it was cool enough to share them (see first point).

I've accomplished a lot of things, and done a lot of firsts... first job, first car, first dog, high school diploma (homeschooling: if you can call it that), first chair in orchestra, first concertmaster position, first college, first essay, first final exam, first kiss, first drink, first collegiate transfer, first major change (second, third, fourth, fifth...), first bachelor's degree, first graduate school, first time teaching high school, first master's degree, first post-college career job, first post- college/grad school melt down, first insomnia (thank you, post-grad school insanity), first time running out of gas in my car, first time locking my keys in my car (thank you AAA for coming to my rescue and not allowing me to freeze to death on both occasions)... it's now starting to make me wonder if "first" is even a word... I've typed it so many times I can't even really keep it straight that I'm spelling it correctly (yeah, I totally got up at 5am this morning... I spelled it "spallding" go figure). 

But really? a new blog, Hannah, seriously? Yup. I'm doing it. Really. No! Really! I really and truly am! I want to be a blogger, and I want to do things and be able to write down my thoughts, sure, I have my crappy days, and some obnoxious things are going to happen to me, but that doesn't mean I am not afforded the privilege of informing all of you about them, right?

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