Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am a long-time ENFP. In graduate school, this changed. However, it is the most popularly identifiable personality type I personify (using big words here). I found a similar post to this on my sister's blog the other day, when I finally was able to read her blog after months of forgetting how to gain access. Figured it wouldn't hurt for me to find one for my personality type and work on it a bit more... plus, good gracious, these are helpful. I thought about them all day at work.

Ten Rules to Live By to Achieve ENFP Success
1.     Feed Your Strengths! Make sure you have opportunities to have new experiences to feel your quest of understanding the world.
2.     Face Your Weaknesses! Realize and accept that some traits are strengths and some are weaknesses. By facing your weaknesses, you can overcome them and they will have less power over you.
3.     Express Your Feelings. Don’t let anger get bottled up inside you.  If you have strong feelings, sort them out and express them, or they may become destructive!
4.     Make Decisions. Don't be afraid to have an opinion. You need to know how you feel about things in order to be effective.
5.     Smile at Criticism. Try to see disagreement and discord as an opportunity for growth, because that’s exactly what it is.  Try not to become overly defensive towards criticism; try to hear it and judge it objectively.
6.     Be Aware of Others. Remember that there are 15 other personality types out there who see things differently than you see them. Most of your problems with other people are easier to deal with if you try to understand the other person's perspective.
7.     Be Aware of Yourself. Don't stint your own needs for the sake of others too much. Realise you are an important focus. If you do not fulfill your own needs, how will continue to be effective and how will others know you are true to your beliefs?
8.     Be Accountable for Yourself. Don’t waste mental energy finding blame in other’s behaviour, or in identifying yourself as a victim.  You have more control over your life than any other person has.
9.     Assume the Best. Don't distress yourself by assuming the worst.  Remember that a positive attitude creates positive situations.
10. When in Doubt, Ask Questions! Don't assume that the lack of feedback is the same thing as negative feedback. If you need feedback and don't have any, ask for it.

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