Monday, October 8, 2012

Being Married.

The first of the batch of wedding photos has arrived! I am so excited to see the rest!
(i am literally on the edge of my seat itching to see more!! Keely is such an incredibly talented photographer! Everyone looks amazing, and the location is absolutely beautiful!!)

I am in the midst of cleaning/organizing/unpacking the house while tending to our dear puppy, Echo, and the two crazies (Kenobi and Tiberius). I will hopefully catch up a little (in positive retrospect) about how the wedding planning and days leading up to the event went in the near future.... in addition to my housewife attempts and adventures (here's to hoping I finally figure out how to properly use a Silpat mat).

So far, I love being married. Yes, it comes with its own challenges, but I am really enjoying where life has me right now. Although the adventure bug is always itching, I feel at peace right here... for now (perhaps this is because I'm still so excited from our adventures in Kauai and also because I'm really loving the church we are getting involved with).


  1. Ok girl, what is a Silpat mat?! Haha Being married is the most wonderful adventure ever, so happy you found a man that complete's your life like no one else can! Wasn't it yesterday we were dancing around the ballet studio?

  2. I (can) sell the silpats (and all the other things that that the Demarle Co. makes- in France)(but rarely to sell because I don't have time) ANYWAY>>> if you have questions, let me know. :D