Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I know I've finally arrived.

I unpacked and put away my entire tea (and mug) collection for the first time... ever.

Currently I have an entire cupboard dedicated to warm drinks and cozy mugs. There was a little extra room so I threw in the collection of adventuring water bottles we have.

Drinking a warm cup of tea just makes days better. When I'm sad, it tends to cheer me up. When I'm frustrated, it soothes me. When I'm awake at bedtime, it calms me. I also cycle through a few of my top favorite mugs. Some of them just make me happier than others, depending on my mood and how the day is going (or how I want it to start going).

I have numerous kinds of tea, my favorites right now are any kind of Rooibos, and Yogi's Egyptian Licorice. Do you have a tea or coffee cupboard? What are your favorite kinds? Do you have a favorite mug? What is the deciding factor for you to know when you've finally arrived somewhere?


  1. Ooooh... isn't tea wonderful? Sigh... I need to go put the kettle on, now that I think about it.

    This is spendy, but SO worth it:

    Pretty sure all their other teas are equally wonderful.

    Also, i love Stash Cinnamon Vanilla holiday tea-- it has chamomile and sasparilla and rooibos and is simply divine as an evening tea.

  2. Is there anything that's not lovable tea?! I have an entire shelf dedicated to mugs, and half a shelf dedicated to tea (really needing to expand it again!). My absolute favorite is Chamomile, it's great for ANY occasion! The first thing I do when I move somewhere is unpack my loved cast iron skillet and cookbooks! :) First one out is always The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child :)