Saturday, August 4, 2012

A day in the life of the unemployed

For the first time in my life since before high school (when I started becoming insanely busy with activities and work), I can do just about anything I want. I have no idea what to do with myself. This is both daunting and exciting. So much potential, yet so much opportunity to do literally nothing. One thing is for sure, however, I want to ensure that I both take this time to rest, relax and enjoy life, but also to live to the fullest - sure I may not be employed by a job, but I have an endless list of things I can be doing! I might as well get a start on them.

Today I...

...slept in until almost 11am
...made a four-layer German Chocolate Cake
...watched multiple shows on Netflix
....cleaned my house (except my room)
...picked up photos at the store
...made a long list of all the things I can do now that I have limitless free time
...felt like a Homeschooler

I found myself listening to movie soundtracks chastising my housemate for drinking and organizing my embroidery floss - for the first time in my life. For all the years that I was homeschooled I couldn't find the time or the $2 to purchase an organization box? go figure. So here I am, 6 years post-homeschool, doing just that.

Why this seemingly anti-social interaction, you may ask? Kyle is at a bachelor party for a friend.

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